Licensing Fee

Licensing fees per country

You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself

Master Exclusive License Fee: € 200k to € 600,000 Euros, depending on Market size of the Country for unlimited outlet openings.


Royalty: 5 %

Advertising: 3% plus, recommended budget to be spent locally by Licensee.


Licensor Support and Training Provided

Site Selection Assistance: Yes

Shop & bakery design prototype: Yes

Opening Assistance: Yes

Operating Assistance: Yes

Equipment and Decor Cost guidelines :

€ 150k to € 180,000 Euros for one shop and a bakery Depending on outlet size & location.

Training: 2 weeks: Yes

Terms of Contract

Term of Contract : 15 years "renewable"

Area Development Agreements: Yes

Sub-Licensing : Yes      Expand in territory: Yes

Outlets Development: Shops, Airports, Malls, Universities, Kiosks, Hotels lobby: Yes

Licensor Expansion Plans

Europe, Middle East & Africa